A New Mom, a New Identity

As we continue our mother’s day promotion until the end of May, we wanted to shed some light on some important mental health components of motherhood.

This article, titled “The Birth of a Mother” written by Dr. Alexandra Sacks, looks at the significant shifts in identity that new mothers experience.  This article summarizes that main points of what psychiatrist Daniel Stern identifies as “matrescence,” which is what some anthropologists call this “shift into being a mother.” The main shifts include:

  • Changing Family Dynamics – Creating a child and a new family dynamic
  • Ambivalence – Simultaneously feeling two seemingly contradictory emotions
  • Fantasy vs. Reality – Reconciling your imagined child with your actual child
  • Guilt, Shame and “The Good Enough Mother”- Navigating the experience of post-partum depression, expectations, and social pressures of parenting

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