After the baby arrives… Post partum chiropractic care

(based on Vancouver Mom post, March 11, 2011)


Life after birth

The birth and delivery process is life-changing for both the mother and the baby. The birth process, even straight-forward vaginal births, can be stressful, exhausting and on occasion, traumatic for both the new mama and her baby.  The process of labour is exactly that… labour.  And like any other physical activity, it can place great stress and strain on the muscles and joints of the mother’s already over-taxed body.  Post partum chiropractic care addresses this stress and strain, thus allowing the new mother to focus on taking care of her precious baby without the distraction of unnecessary physical symptoms.

New parents are focused on taking care of their beautiful new baby, but they must remember to also take care of themselves. It is a stressful time in the life of new parents, as family dynamics and patterns change.  The fatigue of long nights, prolonged postures, and often a reduction in physical activity leaves the body less able to deal with the new stressors, and less able to heal itself.  Having regular check ups after delivery prevents ongoing musculoskeletal issues, and helps new parents focus on the important things… like the first smile.  Or the first laugh.  Or even the first free-stand.


A window of opportunity

With the hormone Relaxin still present for awhile after the birth process, there is a window of opportunity to gently set the pelvic bones into balance and ensure proper alignment before ligament support returns.



For more difficult deliveries with intervention or surgery, rehabilitation of the spine, pelvis, and associated muscles and ligaments may be needed. Once a woman has healed and is well enough to visit the chiropractor, gentle adjustments can be made to the pelvic structures and recommendations for exercise and rehabilitation of the core musculature can be addressed to ensure proper healing and restoration.


Wellness care

After initial symptomatic complaints after the birth have been addressed, wellness-based chiropractic care can begin to maintain nervous system and spinal health and to keep the mother functioning at her best. This allows the woman to be in the best health possible for herself, her family and for subsequent pregnancies.


Please visit The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s website or the BCCA website to find out more valuable information relating to chiropractic care during and after pregnancy.