Chiropractic for Runners

Training for some big runs and races this season? You may want to book in some chiropractic treatments as you train. Running is one of the most effective, affordable, and fun activities available for people worldwide to achieve optimal health and wellness.  For many people, as chiropractor Dr. Van Dyke writes in his article,“[e]verything with running is fabulous, right up until the time you hear a snap, crack, or pop. The downside of all the wonderful benefits is that running causes its share of injuries to the body.”

According to Running Magazine, the most common complaints for runners are tiredness and fatigue, stillness and soreness, and aches and pains. Some of these concerns can be remedied by simple methods such as applying cold compresses to sore muscles, adjusting your diet, and scheduling in more sleep. However, many sports injuries are caused by traumatic force to a joint in motion causing hyperextension or hyperflexion. If you experience soreness or pinching that doesn’t subside you should seek medical attention from your chiropractor.

Chiropractors can:

  • Assess and manage injury: If you have lasting soreness or acute pain in any of your joints or muscles you should be checked out by a chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to assess, diagnose, and manage sports injuries.  Get to the source of your pain through a comprehensive history and assessment. Here is a brief article about the difference between soreness and injury by Runner’s Magazine
  • Provide individualized care which may include joint manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue therapies, adjunct modalities, rehabilitation and individualized exercises and lifestyle advice to restore proper function, enhance healing of damaged tissue and reduce pain. Your care may include increasing your range of motion which may not increase speed, but can reduce your risk of injury – read more.  Chiropractic adjustments reduce spinal and joint imbalances that cause overcompensation by other muscles and stress on the joints.
  • Assess your footwear. Runners need good shoes to support them while running on hard surfaces. Proper shoes are key in preventing injury while running. In some cases, your chiropractor may recommend custom orthotics for you. Want to know more about orthotics? Learn more here, or watch a brief video about them here
  • Advise you on training plans, specialized exercises, and stretches that are unique to your physical needs. Instead of offering generalized stretching tips, like this article does, your chiropractor can recommend stretches, rolling techniques, and strength exercises specific to your body’s needs.
  • Collaborate with you and other participants on your health care team! We are happy to work in partnership with your trainer, family doctor, massage therapist, osteopath, or acupuncturist to help reach your training goals. For example, Stefan Chang is a registered acupuncturist in our clinic who works closely with our chiropractors to help patients to improve their recovery from both long standing sports injuries as well as short term athletic recovery.

Please note: while running is a wonderful sport for many people, it is not always recommended or safe for everyone. Please consult your doctor or chiropractor before moving forward with any new fitness programs.

We look forward to seeing you and happy trails!

Eastpoint Natural Health Clinic