Dr. Anne Stacey offers Babywearing Workshops at Circus Play Cafe

Dr. Anne Stacey is partnering with Circus Play Cafe to offer a series of babywearing classes starting from September 11 – October 2,2017.

There are so many reasons to ‘Wear your Baby’:  Its natural for a baby to be close to its mother and so baby wearing promotes bonding between baby and its mother or father. Baby Wearing is great for baby’s physical and mental development as it allows baby to be in tune with the rhythm of their parents breathing and the sound of their heartbeat. Babies who are worn are less likely to cry because they are more content and parents are more in tune with their babies needs. Baby wearing is safer for your child and healthier for you, it’s also convenient and fun!

CLASS DETAILS :   All classes are appropriate for those with little or no experience with ‘babywearing’, as well as those who would like troubleshooting with their current carriers.  Each class will include the babywearing basics, including “why baby wear” to important safe babywearing guidelines.   Instruction will focus on babies 6-9 months.

You will have the opportunity to first practice with a doll when learning, even if you bring your baby. If you have a carrier for the type of workshop you are attending, please bring it with you. If you do not have one, there will be some carriers to borrow.  All classes are hands on and are 1.5 hours long. Please dress in comfortable clothing, avoiding draping fabric if possible.



COST :  $20 per individual class, or $60 for the entire series ($15 each).  Limit to 8 participants each class. All profits from this series will be donated to the United Way Healthy Start Program.

DATES :  Mondays (September 11th, 18th, 25th and October 2nd, 2017)

TIME :  Mondays   2pm – 3:30pm


Week One:  Monday September 11th   |  2-3.30pm:     ‘  RING SLING LOVE ‘ 

Ring slings are extremely popular as they are easy to quickly put on and secure your baby snugly.  Its perfect for quick ups and downs!  Parents will learn how to thread and prepare ring slings, put on the carrier, make a secure seat for their child, and tighten the carrier.






Week Two:  Monday September 18th  |  2-3.30pm:   ‘ BUCKLE CARRIER TUNING ‘

This class will help you get a great fit in your buckle carrier, or to try some other carriers such as a Tula, Beco or an Ergo. Parents will receive direct instruction on preparing the carrier, how to put baby in the carrier and do up the back buckle (all by yourself!), tightening the carrier, safety and comfort measures, and taking baby out of the carrier. We will cover front carry, infant carry with an infant insert, and for babies 6 months and older a back carry. Bring bring your own buckle carrier for a fine tuning fitting or borrow one to try.




Week Three:  Monday September 25th  |  2-3.30pm:  ‘ASIAN INSPIRED CARRIERS (MEI TAI)’ 

Curious about a Mei Tai (or Mei Dah)? Let us help you take the mystique away from these amazingly comfortable & versitile Asian inspired carriers. These easy-to-use carriers are great from birth to toddlerhood, and adaptable to parents of all sizes. You can carry your child on your front or back with these carriers.  We will cover front carry and for children older than 6 months, introduce back carries.  Bring you own carrier or borrow one to try!




Week Four:  Monday October 2nd  |  2-3.30pm  ‘ FRONT WRAPPING ‘

Learn how to convert your long colourful fabric wraps into a cozy comfortable carrier for your babe. Includes a discussion of different types & lengths of wraps and knot safety. Parents will learn step by step how to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry.  This is a great for both those new to babywearing and those with experience with other type of carriers. Bring you own wrap or borrow one to try!






While working with many pregnant women and new families in her practice, one of the most frequent questions she hears is “which carrier is best?”.  She also sees a lot of parents who have injuries in their necks, back, and shoulders that may have been prevented or minimized if they had known how to safely babywear earlier on.

Anne started babywearing after her first child was born in 2013. Not only did she immediately discover a valuable tool to help soothe her son comfortably,  but she also found a new sense of freedom, confidence, and joy that enriched her experience of being a mother.

Her dream as an educator is to help infants thrive through close contact with their caregivers, to help parents gain confidence and freedom in their parenting journey, and to prevent injury by ensuring the best carrier and fit possible for the parents.