Dr. Stacey’s Babywearing Certification

Last year there was a celebrity image circulating where a well-meaning father was wearing his baby proudly in a front position carried with the baby’s feet poking out the bottom of the carrier, proffering chuckles from many experienced parents. Here at Eastpoint, we definitely aren’t in the business of shaming parents, but it is worth mentioning this particular image because it sparked a conversation online and with our patients inquiring about the best and safest methods to carry one’s child.

From a chiropractic perspective, it is important that the babywearing method is not only safe and comfortable for the baby, but also suitable for the parent. I have learned first-hand with my own children, experimenting with a range of brands and styles of carriers to find what works best for my needs, and those of my husband when it comes to carrying our children. While babywearing is a wonderful practice for families that strengthens attachment bonds, not everyone is trained to examine the practice of baby-wearing through a chiropractic lens, ensuring that the ergonomic, developmental, and postural needs are met.

For example, I have always preferred to carry our children in a cloth wrap style of carrier. This works for me from a practical (yay hands free!) perspective, as well as a postural and ergonomic sense as I prefer to carry them on my back versus my front as often as possible.  Meanwhile my husband is partial to a structured style carrier which suits his personal preferences.

This weekend, I will be attending a course with the Center for Babywearing Studies, to be a Certified Babywearing Consultant. Stay tuned for my top take-aways from this course, and my thoughts on it from a chiropractic perspective.