Plant a Tree!

An article in the Vancouver Sun this week reminds us to do our part for our communities and for nature.  With all the cherry blossoms in bloom, it’s easy to to be inspired to plant fruit trees and ornamental trees.  As the article, “Treekeepers program encourages residents to help grow urban forest” by Darah Hansen explains below, there is additional incentive this spring.

Beginning this week, Tree City, a non-profit organization headed by Tracey, is offering up to 500 trees for purchase at subsidized rates to residents and business owners in six urban neighbourhoods, including Marpole, Renfrew-Collingwood, the Downtown Eastside, West End, Grandview-Woodland and Mount Pleasant.

Ten different species, from Japanese maple to Liberty apple, are available at a cost of between $10 and $20.

The various species all grow well in this region. Some, including the apple tree and fig tree, can also be easily grown in pots so those in apartments and condominiums can get involved.

Those interested in buying a tree under the Treekeepers Program must do so online at There will be scheduled tree pickup days every Saturday, April 27 to May 16, rotating through each neighbourhood.

It’s a great opportunity for all those gardeners out there!