Babywearing Classes

All classes are hands on and are 1.5 hours long.  Please dress in comfortable clothing, avoiding draping fabric if possible.  Babies are welcome to attend, although you may have to miss part of the class should your child need attention.

We will first practice with a doll when learning all carries, even if you bring your baby.  If you have a carrier for the type of workshop you are attending, please bring it with you.  If you do not have one, there will be carriers to borrow.

Fit Cafe (Drop-in)

Bring a carrier you need help with and receive hands on help to get a better, more comfortable fit for you and your baby.  Or bring your questions about a carrier you are thinking about purchasing and have a discussion about the pros and cons about the specific carrier.  

Babywearing 101

For the expectant parents, new parents or those brand new to baby carriers, this class covers all the babywearing basics, from “why baby wear” to the basics of the 4 main carrier types, including Ring Slings, Wraps, Structured Carriers, and Asian-Inspired Carriers (Mei Tai’s).

Newborns for Newbies

Wearing their newborn can be a special time for new parents, We will look at the physical development and characteristics of a new baby (0-3months), how babywearing helps to meet the needs of the newborn through skin to skin contact, and the critical safety points to ensure flawless babywearing. This is a great course to take while still pregnant. There will be a demonstration of a Stretchy wrap, a buckle wrap, a woven wrap, a ring sling, and an Asian-inspired carrier.  Participants will be taught how to put on the carrier, place baby on the body, secure and tighten the carrier, and finally take the baby out of the carrier.  

 (Max 8 people)

Ring Sling Love

Ring slings are extremely popular for the speed of their use.  Participants will receive direct hands on instruction on threading and preparing their ring sling, putting on the carrier, placing the baby on their body, making a secure seat, securing and tightening the carrier, and troubleshooting common concerns.

(Max 8 people)

Buckle Carrier

This course will help you get a great fit in a buckle carrier, such as a Tula, Beco or an Ergo. Participants will receive direct instruction on preparing the carrier, how to put baby in the carrier and do up the back buckle (all by yourself!), tightening the carrier, safety and comfort measures, and taking baby out of the carrier. We will cover front carry, infant carry with an infant insert, and for babies 6 months and older a back carry. Bring your baby or borrow a doll, and bring your own buckle carrier or borrow one from us. This course includes a fitting of your existing carrier, so if it’s not feeling quite right, bring it along!

(Max 8 people)

Asian Inspired Carrier (Mei Tai)

Curious about a Mei Tai? Let us help you take the mystique away from these comfortable, easy to use, Asian inspired carriers. Participants will receive direct instruction on preparing the carrier, putting the baby in the carrier, tightening the carrier, safety and comfort measures, and taking baby out of the carrier. We will cover front carry, newborn carry modifications, and for babies 6 months and older, a back carry. Bring your baby or borrow doll, and bring your own mei tai carrier or borrow one from us.

Front Wrapping 101

Learn how to convert your long colourful fabric wraps into a cozy comfortable carrier for your babe. Includes a discussion of different types of wraps, typing knots safely, and a review of the benefits of babywearing for both babe and caregiver.  Participants will learn step by step how to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry, first with a practice doll, and then their own baby when ready.  This is suitable for both those new to babywearing and those with experience with other type of carriers.  Expecting parents and parents with babies 0-12 months are welcome!

(Max 8 people)

Back Carry Away!

Is your child getting too heavy to carry on your front? Does he keep turning and twisting to watch your daily activities? Learn the steps towards carrying your bundle of joy on your back.  This class covers how to safely wear your child on your back in a simple Ruck carry.  Participants need to have experience with using a woven wrap, and children must be able to sit unaided.

(Max 8 people)

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