Winter Baby Wearing

Babywearing is great for both parent and child. If you  are new to babywearing, I’d suggest having a look at my Top 5 Babywearing Takeaways post from earlier this year.

Now that it is November, I’m seeing parents have concerns about how to comfortably babywear with the cold or rainy weather that has set in.

Some solutions that I have come across are:

  • Use fitted sheet clips to secure your coat around your baby.
  • Some maternity coats that you used during pregnancy may come with inserts to cover your baby
  • Supplement your carrier with a blanket around the sides of the carrier for additional warmth
  • Adjust your fashion!
    • Use wrap around sweaters

      Image Courtesy of Maman Loups Den

    • Cut a hole in a sweatshirt to accommodate your baby’s head
    • Embrace the poncho
    • Get Crafty, and fashion yourself a panel for your coat ( see this design for a “Skoodlet” by Ravelry.)
  • Accessorize/Safety wear
    • Wear boots to prevent slipping and cold feet (avoid adjusting poor footwear once you are out).
    • Use mittens for yourself and your baby… even on baby’s feet for extra warmth.
  • Buy Specialized Gear: some baby/maternity stores carry specialized gear. It’s pricey, but there are lots of comfortable sweaters and coats available to buy.  Here is one site that shows some specialized options.

Here are some some sites for reference (complete with images):

Of course, your baby’s safety is paramount! If you have any concerns about your baby’s safety while babywearing, please consult Health Canada’s recommendations, or book a consultation with me at Eastpoint Natural Health. I am a certified babywearing consultation, and offer by-donation consultations for parents learning to babywear safely.

-Dr. Anne Stacey