7 ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness


An article from Active.com has some great tips on preventing muscle soreness after physical work or sports activities. These are the top 7 tips they outline.

1. Move more. A gentle cool down throughout the day prevents muscles from tightening up.

2. Stretch. A gentle stretch improves blood flow and even has been show to improve mood!

3. Hydrate. Plenty of water, while also keeping caffeine and alcohol low helps recovery.

4. Feel kneaded. Do self massage with trigger point balls or rollers, or even get a massage from a friend or health professional.

5. Pack in protein. Your muscles need protein for recovery.

6. Soak in a tub. The heat helps your muscles loosen up.

7. Ease back in. Improve your overall fitness by taking classes and being active consistently, not just on weekends or sporadically.

Remember, the most effective way to relieve muscle soreness after an active weekend is to move a bit more, drink lots of water and nourish your muscles back to health.

Take a look at the full article here.

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