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Chiropractic Treatments and Neck Pain

Many people experience some form of neck pain that affects their daily activities and chiropractic treatments can help. Your neck pain could stem from poor posture, working at a computer for extended periods of time, strain from sleeping in a less than ideal position or even grinding your teeth. Causes can also be connected to…
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How does Cold Laser Therapy reduce inflammation? With image of a Cold Laser unit

Reduce Inflammation with Cold Laser Therapy

One way to reduce inflammation and speed up healing is by using Cold Laser Therapy. Cold laser therapy is low-intensity laser therapy (LLT) that uses low levels of light to speed up healing. Unlike surgical or aesthetic lasers it does not cause your tissues to heat up or burn, although some people do experience a…
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What Chiropractic Appointment to Book and When

Are you unsure about what chiropractic appointment to book or how often? You’re not alone! We often hear from patients that they weren’t sure if they needed a regular visit or an extended visit. Or not sure about how often to come see Dr. Stacey. Here’s a little guidance on the matter of scheduling. What…
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Chiropractic Tips for Work from Home Life

Over the last few months our bodies have been experiencing an incredible shift. They are carrying us through major changes in our routine, absorbing the shock of additional stressors, and if you’ve been adjusting to work from home life your body is likely in a different position than usual. The ‘make-do’ home office arrangements that…
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We are OPEN…

… with a few modifications I am so excited to see you soon! Starting July 7, I will be back in the office for regular in-person appointments. These appointments are now available for online booking, so get it in the schedule now! When looking at the schedule, you may notice that I will be in the…
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Open for Urgent Care Appointments – Enhanced Safety Protocols

Starting June 1, 2020, I will be available for urgent care in-person visits for existing patients, in addition to telehealth consultations and babywearing consultations. These in-person bookings are not available online. You must email me directly to request an appointment, or place yourself on the waitlist HERE. If you are attending an in-person visit, there are enhanced…
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COVID 19 Updates – April 2020

We are committed to ensuring our community’s health & well-being during these unprecedented times. Like many of you, we have been closely following the press releases from our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.  We have also been receiving ongoing communications from the BC Chiropractic Association, the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia. As a…
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COVID-19 Update

We wanted to give an update about what we at Eastpoint are doing to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19.   First off, we are closely following the guidelines presented by BC Health and our Chiropractic College and Associations.  At this time, we will continue to be open for regular operations, but with reduced hours.…
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Childhood Arthritis (JIA) Awareness Month

March is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Month This month is Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Awareness month. We will be bringing posts that help bring light to this condition. Often when people think of Arthritis they think it is a condition that affects an older population. However, statistics are currently showing 3 in 1000 Canadian children have Juvenile…
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Resources for Babywearing

As a trained babywearing educator, I have tried to help new families successfully use carriers, from structured carriers to long woven wraps. I believe that the effective use of carriers allows parents the ability to be hands-free while also providing closeness while their child.

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