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We wanted to share some apps and digital health “helpers.”  For many, mobile Apps are an easy, affordable way to keep both physical and mental health practices top of mind.

Today we’ll be looking at one mindfulness app called “Buddhify.”

Buddhify totes itself as the most convenient, best value and most beautiful meditation app available today. the goal is to improve sleep, and to reduce stress by integrating mindfulness activities into your day. It is thought that increased mindfulness can improve both your mental well-being, and can actually improve your productivity. Those who practice meditation often have shown better decision-making, more harmonious relationships, and improved creative capacity.

It can be hard to carve out the time to meditate in a busy day, let alone find somewhere quiet to do it. This is where an app like Buddhify comes in. The design allows you select different lengths or purposes of meditations, depending on your time-frame and what you are doing. You can select meditations that range from 2-30 minutes, allowing you flexibility for those new to meditation.


Buddhify mindfulness app - recommended by productivity expert Maura Nevel Thomas

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According to this article, Meditation Apps can help, depending what you are looking to achieve:

  • They can help you build a habit.
  • They can provide a timer, and a virtual home for your meditation.
  • They can teach you to meditate better, or try new meditation techniques.

However, while many apps claim that you can improve your mental health with daily practice, it is worth being cautious.These practices are generally beneficial, but many people suffering from depression or anxiety may do better seeking professional help for longstanding issues, relationship counselling, and more.  Here at Eastpoint, Anika Cornish, Registered Clinical Counselor, offers free consultations for those looking for additional support.

If you need emergency support for you or anyone you know in a mental health crisis, please see our resource page for resources or call 911.

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