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Welcome Brutus

You may have already met a new friend at Eastpoint. Brutus has been coming to work with his mom, Adrienne, a few days a week.

What’s SPRINGing up this month?

Here’s what is going in May: Dr. Marina Liarsky will be away from April 30 – May 15. Saturday appointments with Dr. Marina Liarsky are available! Saturday, May 26th 2018. Book Now!  Our office will be closed for Victoria Day, May 21st Baby Wearing Meet Ups with Dr. Anne Stacey, May 30th from 9am – 11am. Read below for how…
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February Check-In: Can you feel the love?

February is all about feelin’ the love. With both Valentine’s Day and Family Day this month we often think about how we care and love others, but what about ourselves?

Massage Improves Muscle Tone

In Massage Therapy Canada, they write that researchers are exploring massage as a method of building muscle. This may sound unusual for those who receive massage when they are in good health, but it is becoming more clear that massage can be especially helpful for anyone who is recovering, or is experiencing muscle loss and atrophy due to injury, age, or illness.

A Reflection on New Year’s Eve

We want to thank you, our patients and friends, for a wonderful 2017. Being able to be here for you is the greatest honor. Thank you, and have a happy, healthy 2018!

Mayo Clinic Endorses Holistic Care in New Book

Holistic Care is endorsed by the Mayo Clinic.

Winter Baby Wearing

Some ideas for babywearing during the colder weather, by Dr. Anne Stacey

My Fitness Pal App

We wanted to share some apps and digital health “helpers.”  For many, mobile Apps are an easy, affordable way to keep both physical and mental health practices top of mind. Today we’ll be looking at one mindfulness app called “My Fitness Pal.” What is it? Pro’s and Con’s of a top rated Calorie Counter App.

Massage Contributes to Building Muscle

Massage is shown to support muscle mass recovery. This is important for those recovering from illness, injury, and surgury, as well as the elderly.

October Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving! Our newsletter include Family Fridays, Buddhify App, Bunion Treatments and Prevention, and Joint Mobilization for Back Pain Relief. Please note that we are closed on Monday, October 9th, 2017 for Thanksgiving.

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