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Let’s Talk About Aromatherapy

Let’s talk about aromatherapy as a way to enhance your care and general wellbeing.   Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years for its physical and psychological benefits. Today, there is an huge market around aromatherapy and as a result more people are becoming aware of the potential benefits and even experiencing some benefits in…
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Trigger Point Massage Ball

A trigger point massage ball is a ball that can be used for self-massage. They are a portable, affordable and convenient option for massaging muscle knots.  What are trigger points? Trigger points, also often referred to as knots, are highly irritable spots that develop in the bands of the skeletal muscles fascia. They are often…
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At-Home Care Packages

Back to school is feeling very different this year. We want to support you all as you embark on the new school year and get into new routines. To help keep you feeling good we’ve put together an Eastpoint care package. It includes a trigger point ball, small deep blue rub lotion, resistance exercise band,…
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Chiropractic Treatments and Neck Pain

Many people experience some form of neck pain that affects their daily activities and chiropractic treatments can help. Your neck pain could stem from poor posture, working at a computer for extended periods of time, strain from sleeping in a less than ideal position or even grinding your teeth. Causes can also be connected to…
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Chiropractic Tips for Work from Home Life

Over the last few months our bodies have been experiencing an incredible shift. They are carrying us through major changes in our routine, absorbing the shock of additional stressors, and if you’ve been adjusting to work from home life your body is likely in a different position than usual. The ‘make-do’ home office arrangements that…
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COVID 19 Updates – April 2020

We are committed to ensuring our community’s health & well-being during these unprecedented times. Like many of you, we have been closely following the press releases from our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.  We have also been receiving ongoing communications from the BC Chiropractic Association, the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia. As a…
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Wellness Wednesday : Vitamin D Please

Wellness Wednesday : Vitamin D Please Vitamin D3 for bone strength You’ve probably heard of Vitamin D before, and most likely in reference to the sun (or in our case, lack there of). Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes the absorption of calcium, regulates bone growth and plays a role in immune function. Vitamin…
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Holiday DIY Giving

The season of midwinter celebration is upon us. Christmas is 6 weeks away. Hanukkah starts on Dec 20th this year. Winter solstice is, as always, on December 21st.  Travel plans are being made.  Stay-at-home coziness plans are being outlined. Sparkly decorations are appearing throughout the city. Wish lists are growing, and Santa is unquestionably starting to…
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Exercise and Brain Health

In the November Issue of our newsletter we talk about moving physical activity indoors as the weather changes. There are lots of trials and different types of facilities and workouts to try. Whether you are active in the comfort of your living room or going to a group class physical activity is not only key…
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Sweet Dreaming

Sleep comfort is the result of the interaction between you, your mattress, your pillow and your environment. Dr Anne explains some tips while looking for a new mattress!

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