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September is Arthritis Awareness Month

Did you know that Chiropractic care can help manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis? It can help control pain and improve function through joint mobilizations, soft-tissue therapy, nutritional recommendations, laser therapy and exercise prescription.

Thank You Stefan!

Stefan Chia Ling Chang has been a valuable part of our team since 2016, offering generous and compassionate care to all his patients. He will be moving his Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic to Clinica Holistica starting January 2018.

He will be moving his Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic to Clinica Holistica starting January 2018.  Patients can contact him directly at

Massage Improves Muscle Tone

In Massage Therapy Canada, they write that researchers are exploring massage as a method of building muscle. This may sound unusual for those who receive massage when they are in good health, but it is becoming more clear that massage can be especially helpful for anyone who is recovering, or is experiencing muscle loss and atrophy due to injury, age, or illness.

Mayo Clinic Endorses Holistic Care in New Book

Holistic Care is endorsed by the Mayo Clinic.

Massage Contributes to Building Muscle

Massage is shown to support muscle mass recovery. This is important for those recovering from illness, injury, and surgury, as well as the elderly.

October Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving! Our newsletter include Family Fridays, Buddhify App, Bunion Treatments and Prevention, and Joint Mobilization for Back Pain Relief. Please note that we are closed on Monday, October 9th, 2017 for Thanksgiving.

Examining the Foot: Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus, or a bunion, is a bump one gets on the side of the base of the big toe when the big toe deviates inward. Yes, that is the classic explanation but what is really happening to the big toe? Dr. Marina Liarsky explains more about this physiological phenomenon.

Family Friday – Children’s Appointments

Dr. Anne Stacey is allocating Friday afternoons from 3:00-5:00 pm for what we are calling “Family Fridays.”  These child-only appointments will be available for both prebooked and drop-in appointments within a kid friendly environment.

Our September Newsletter is now Available

Our September Newsletter is now available!

Chiropractic for Runners

Training for some big runs and races this season? You may want to book in some chiropractic treatments as you train. Running is one of the most effective, affordable, and fun activities available for people worldwide to achieve optimal health and wellness. The downside of all the wonderful benefits is that running causes its share of injuries to the body. Read more.

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