In Our Community: The Licorice Shop

I looooove licorice. I also haven’t been able to enjoy licorice for several years, as most typical licorice contains gluten (I’ve been off gluten for years...) Sooo.... I was walking down Commercial Drive the other day and screeched to a stop when I saw a sign that declared “Gluten free Licorice!” What? Turns out that there is a hidden gem I’ve been clueless about for nearly a decade (nope, not a new shop, apparently). The Licorice Parlour at 1002 Commercial...

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May Babywearing Meetup

Dr. Anne Stacey will be hosting the monthly Baby Wearing Meet-Up at the clinic on May 29th, 2019 from 9-11am.  This event is open to anyone who would like fit checks, help with basic carries, or information about carriers. You are not required to be a patient at the clinic to attend, nor do you need an appointment, however an RSVP to the event in the Facebook group Babywearing from the Valley to Vancouver is strongly recommended, or contact Dr. Stacey to...

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In Our Community: Livia Bakery

Recently, I forgot my keys at home one morning.  Locked out and waiting for Adrienne to arrive, I trudged across the street from our office to investigate "the new coffee shop" in the 'hood.  Walking into Livia Bakery was like a step into how I imagine coffee shops used to be. With a steaming Americano in one hand, and a crispy pastry in another, I settled into a seat, wondering momentarily why the place wasn't full of laptop-focused productivity.  Then I...

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