February Check-In: Can you feel the love?

February Check-In: Can you feel the love?

February is all about feelin’ the love. With both Valentine’s Day and Family Day this month we often think about how we care and love others, but what about ourselves? Taking care of your own body and mind can often fall to the way side when life gets busy. This month as you check-in with others, and get them where they are going don’t leave yourself out.

It is natural to hesitate when thinking about putting yourself first. Is this selfish? Will people think I don’t care about them? Try not to think about self-care as selfishness, or that caring for others means you are neglecting yourself either.

These things all land on a sliding scale. Linda Andrews, M.S., shares in an interview with verilymag.com, “I think of me time as being on a continuum. At one end is self-centered behavior—always putting yourself first to the detriment of the other people in your life. At the other end is self-sacrificing behavior—always putting yourself last to the detriment of your own health and well-being. Healthy self-care is the sweet spot in the middle, where you’re nurturing your own wellness in a way that benefits both you and those around you.”

It can be a tricky balance and some of us have the tendency to be overly self critical. But remember it is not about perfection! Find what works for you in your own unique circumstances.

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