How to Avoid Working Yourself to Death!

Here are 5 ways to avoid working yourself to death…

1.  Learn how to get yourself organised so you make time for you. ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I don’t have the time’ is an excuse.

2.  Find a holistic practitioner who can provide proactive on-going treatment and advice. You can ask people you know who you know look after themselves and find out who they go to. You will require supplements because hardly anyone eats a 100% organic, fully balanced diet and lives in a non-toxic and stress free environment.

3.  Avoid people and places that do not support what you are trying to achieve, i.e. there’s a lady who attends my gym every day to stay in shape and keep her weight under control yet she works in a bakery!

4.  Set restrictions about how much of your time you’re prepared to work and stick to it. Do not take work home! Of if you work from home, set rules about when you will and won’t work. Make sure it doesn’t take over valuable family time.

5.  Eat healthily, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Respect your body and treat it as you would if you bought a brand new car. Buff and polish it, go for a long drive and fill the tank with quality fuel.

Bet there’s nothing new here, that you didn’t already know. But are you doing it?

Being fit and healthy is not an option. Just because you are standing and breathing doesn’t mean you are well.

Wellness is about being pro-active with your health and not waiting until you are sick or something happens to you. No matter how busy you are, you surely can’t be too busy to die?

(Source: Lorraine Pirihi,  The Productivity Queen)

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