ICBC Changes to Accident Benefits (part one)

ICBC Changes to Accident Benefits (part one)

ICBC Coverage Changes for Chiropractic: 
ICBC will be ending the Chiropractic Flat Fee program on April 1st.

In February of 2018 ICBC announced that they would be making significant improvements to their accident benefits, the first change since 1991. We want to help you understand how these changes apply to chiropractic care.

Some of you may have already come to us for care related to an injury from a motor vehicle accident. In our office we have been using the Flat Fee program as a way to facilitate providing care after an accident, without the patient having to pay out of pocket. As of April 1st, 2019 we will no longer be able to offer this Flat Fee program.

ICBC has increased the list of medical professionals that are included in the preauthorized treatment coverage for Accident Benefits. This coverage applies to anyone with a minor injury from a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault.

What does this mean for you?
ICBC will continue to offer coverage for Chiropractic as part of Accident Benefits, however the Flat Fee program will no longer be an option. The new benefits will cover you for 25 pre-approved Chiropractic treatments within the first 12 weeks of a motor vehicle accident, and will cover $53 of your treatment. 

Unfortunately, this does mean that any remaining cost for treatment will be the patient’s responsibility to pay. If you have extended benefits we would recommend you contact your provider to find out how your plan may cover the remaining amount.

This change will require new processes for us here at the office. There will be a whole new system that we will use to submit reports and invoices. While we will be doing our very best to ensure we are prepared for the change, we can anticipate there being a bit a learning curve. We appreciate your patience while we all work through these changes together!

Next week we will be posting Part 2 where we will outline what constitutes minor injury, what happens if you need more than the pre-approved number of treatments, and different resources you can access to learn more. 


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