In Our Community: The Licorice Shop

I looooove licorice.

I also haven’t been able to enjoy licorice for several years, as most typical licorice contains gluten (I’ve been off gluten for years…)

Sooo…. I was walking down Commercial Drive the other day and screeched to a stop when I saw a sign that declared “Gluten free Licorice!”


Turns out that there is a hidden gem I’ve been clueless about for nearly a decade (nope, not a new shop, apparently). The Licorice Parlour at 1002 Commercial Drive is AMAZING… with fun hula hoops in the window, retro licorice and other candies on the shelves, and all types of Licorice available in BULK behind the counter.

So… next time you feel like something a little sweet, something a little salty, something just a little chewy… stop here!

Yum yum yum!!!!

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