In Our Community: Livia Bakery

Recently, I forgot my keys at home one morning.  Locked out and waiting for Adrienne to arrive, I trudged across the street from our office to investigate “the new coffee shop” in the ‘hood.  Walking into Livia Bakery was like a step into how I imagine coffee shops used to be.

With a steaming Americano in one hand, and a crispy pastry in another, I settled into a seat, wondering momentarily why the place wasn’t full of laptop-focused productivity.  Then I overheard a conversation between another patron and a staff member, “no, we don’t have Wifi here… no, we don’t plan to have it here in future either.” 

Wow.  No wifi?  What?

But then a mother and son settled into a seat beside me, and we started chatting, comparing notes about kindergarten boys and the deliciousness of morning coffee.  I showed her a photo I took recently. She laughed.  I texted her a copy.  It felt like we were new friends.

Community is all around us. But sometimes we need to disconnect to see it.

Devoid of Wifi, Livia’s owners and patrons consciously take a step away from the connectivity of the internet, and re-invest into the connectivity of community.

See you there!

Livia Bakery @ 1399 Commercial Drive 7am-7pm Tues-Sun


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