Loosening Your Joints

“Don’t my joints get really loose if I see you a lot?”

“I don’t want to become hypermobile,  so I don’t want to see a chiropractor”

These are some worries with ongoing,  preventative chiropractic care.   However, the purpose of chiropractic is to restore the neuro-musculoskeletal balance in the body,  and to allow the body to best function, adapt, and heal on it’s own.  It’s purpose is to increase your physical resiliency,  so you are best able to do the things you love to do.

Modern chiropractic focuses on restore normal mobility in stuck or locked joints, and to increase stability in areas that experience excessive movement.

That is why you may be adjusted in areas that you didn’t realize were involved, and receive home exercises for areas far away from your  “problem spot”.  If one area is locked,  another area has to increase it’s movement to compensate for this locked spot.   It’s like being on a team project where one or two members don’t do their work,  and the remaining members have to pick up the slack,  overworking themselves and getting worn out.   So what we do is get those “non-working”  areas involved in the project of getting you back to balanced and aligned movements!

If there is one area that is constantly going out of alignment or balance, it is normally because there is a relative weakness in another area.  Inadequate core strength, shoulder stability, or proper length and tension of muscle groups are the usual suspects in these cases.  Home exercises can start you on the road to recovery for these concerns, and actively participating in your care leads to long-term and lasting improvements.

Your joints get locked or stuck in many ways – lifting a weight that is beyond your strength levels, pulling or pushing suddenly without (conscious or unconscious) recruitment of the stabilizing  muscles, by gelling into a position after not moving for hours, or many many other mechanisms.  Your chiropractor is trained in identifying where these areas are and is able to quickly unlock them so you can continue to enjoy your life and favorite activities!

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