Love Makes a Mother

May is traditionally considered to be the month where we honour our mothers. We buy flowers, book spa appointments, take kids to give the mothers around us the chance to do a little of the self-care that they often desperately need.

I like to believe that Mothers are all around us, all the time. I believe Mothers are those who give deeply of themselves to help others grow. They could have babes-in-arms, be with children in their neighbourhoods, teach school age children in classrooms, manage an unruly workplace, be companions to fur-babies, or even be a mother of a few magnificent dragons.

And of course there are mothers of angels, rainbow babies, and of children yet to come.

And then we see magnificent figures in our world today who embody the spirit of mothers – those that stand up to say “No, there is a better way than this”, steadfastedly guarding the future of all of our children, working endlessly to make our world a better place. There are those that care about our society, those that care about our communities, and those that care about our environment.

Let’s celebrate ALL these mothers this month. Embrace them. Give them your love, the fuel that gives them their strength.

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