MuTu System

Last week, I participated in a FB video series at Mutu Sytems.

MuTu is a medically recommended restoration program for new mums.  It is a program that helps women recover from the physical challenge of pregnancy and delivery.

I was first introduced to MuTu several years ago by a mother who I worked with throughout her pregnancy and into her postpartum phase.  I was amazed at how she was able to recover so quickly and thoroughly, and she introduced me to the MuTu program.

The series last week included a video about how and why traditional core rehab doesn’t work for post-partum bodies, and how it can actually damage it more if we are too vigorous about it.  The second video described Diastitis Recti and how to assess if you have it.  The last video (Link is HERE) described a 12 minute taster of the Mutu program that helps strengthen your postpartum body.

I’ve been doing the program myself and it’s totally achievable! Even with small kids! I can do it at the playground or in the living room… and it’s ONLY 12 minutes!

Happy exercising

~ Anne




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