Why Babywearing?

I first tried baby wearing after my first child was born. At times I felt frustrated because he was a sensitive baby who found it hard to be away from me. Once I started to explore babywearing, I immediately saw results that allowed me to relax as a parent as I was able to soothe him comfortably and easily. It was through this discovery that I found a sense of freedom, confidence, and joy that enriched my experience of being a mother.

IMG_0322In my chiropractic practice, I see many pregnant women and new families. One of the most frequent questions I hear is “which carrier is best?” This prompted me to further my training in babywearing education to help my clients. I also see a lot of parents who have injuries in their necks, back, and shoulders that may have been prevented or minimized if they had known how to safely baby-wear earlier on.

My goal as an educator is to help infants thrive through close contact with their caregivers, to help parents gain confidence and freedom in their parenting journey, and to prevent injury by ensuring the best carrier and fit possible for the parents.

I am passionate about my work as a chiropractor and educator, and I look forward to helping your family thrive in a happy and healthy way.

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