Tall Tree Physiotherapy is a recent addition to the health care services on Commercial Drive. In addition to standard physiotherapy work, they offer IMS and Clinical Pilates

For those over in the Hastings Sunrise area, we often recommend Woodland Physiotherapy

The Physio Shop is a local physiotherapy clinic that offers rehab and IMS, amongst other typical physio approaches.

MyoDetox YVR – Physiotherapist Tina O’Connor offers Medical Acupuncture, Soft Tissue Techniques, and Dynamic Taping in addition to offering patient education and treatments.

Treloar Physiotherapy offers full spectrum Physiotherapy services, from ICBC rehab to Pelvic Floor physiotherapy

Full Circle Physiotherapy offers prenatal, postnatal & pelvic pain care, focusing on education in womens pelvic health.

Dayan Physiotherapy & Pelvic Floor Clinic works on an array of pelvic disorders.  Located on the West Side near Broadway & Oak

Westside Physiotherapy & Hand Clinic provides specfic hand & arm physiotherapy care.

Kids Physio Group is a pediatric physiotherapy practice that has a location on the North Shore and also in Vancouver. Assessment, treatment & rehabilitation is done in a kid-focused environment

Fortius Sport & Health is a full service multidisciplinary clinic that focuses on sport related injuries

Wil Seto at Insync Physio has extenisve experience in motor vehicle accidents, work related injury and sports injuries. Insync Physio is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides care in Sports Medicine, Sports Injuries, Physiotherapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and IMS.

Twyla Pitman, Resigtered Physiotherapist, with Physio2u offers mobile physiotherapy services.

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