Resistance Bands for Strength and Rehabilitation

Resistance Bands for Strength and Rehabilitation

Resistance bands are a low impact, portable solution to help with your rehabilitation and strengthening exercises after an injury. 


Resistance bands can be used to build strength, improve mobility, rehabilitate, weight training and as a tool for assisting in improving posture. They allow for a full body workouts and compound exercises that target multiple muscles at once. They are a lightweight, easily stored and cost effective option with endless possibilities for stretching and strengthening muscles. 

Resistance bands are also a great option because they force you to use stabilising muscles and build core strength. Any equipment that is not rigid will require you to do the work stabilising it. Compared to a weight training machine where the machine provides a stable motion, the exercise band will wobble and bend and therefore puts your muscles to work creating the stable motion to maintain form. They also allow you to be in full control, which makes you focus on how each exercise feels and if you are targeting the desired muscles. You can adjust the tension to what feels right for you without having to change equipment. This means it is one piece of equipment that can be used from the beginning of your rehab sub-acute stage in the repair phase, through the remodeling and final stage of injury rehabilitation of ongoing repair and remodeling. 

Building ankle strength after a sprain

Sprains can be quite painful, and therefore it is critical to start the right strengthening exercises once you are comfortable bearing your own weight.

  • Get into a seated position with legs out stretched in front of you. Wrap the resistance band around the forefoot of the injured ankle with your toes pointed up and hold both ends of the band in your hand. Adjust your grip so the length keeps the band taught but doesn’t pull your foot. Now, push your toes toward the floor. Remember to go slowly and gently, only go as far as you are comfortable. Slowly bring your toes back up pointing to the ceiling. Repeat this process 10 times

Rehab exercise for the knees

Try this knee flexion exercise to build strength from a knee injury:

  • Start by securing the resistance band to an anchor close to the floor or get a partner to hold the ends. Use the other end of the band to wrap around one ankle and lie on the floor. The band should be stretched taught when you keep your leg straight. Slowly bend the knee and bring your foot up towards your buttocks before gradually returning to the starting position. Again, remember to go slowly and gently, only go as far as you are comfortable. 

For additional resistance band exercises check out Rehabbing Sports Injuries with Resistance Bands 

In addition to injury rehab, resistance bands are great for stretching and using as a tool to improve posture. Next time you’re here ask Dr. Stacey about how she uses resistance bands to correct posture, or check it out on instagram!  

We have 5ft lengths available for purchase in the clinic. Additionally, Dr. Stacey has specially curated home-care packages ( that include resistance bands to help you with your injury rehabilitation and muscle strengthening at home. Packages also include a Trigger Point Ball, sample of Deep Blue rub, epsom salts, and a reusable face mask. Email the office to order, or pick one up when you are in for your next visit. For $35 (including tax) pick one up for yourself, or for someone in your life who needs a little care. 

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