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Chiropractic Treatments and Neck Pain

Many people experience some form of neck pain that affects their daily activities and chiropractic treatments can help. Your neck pain could stem from poor posture, working at a computer for extended periods of time, strain from sleeping in a less than ideal position or even grinding your teeth. Causes can also be connected to…
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Open for Urgent Care Appointments – Enhanced Safety Protocols

Starting June 1, 2020, I will be available for urgent care in-person visits for existing patients, in addition to telehealth consultations and babywearing consultations. These in-person bookings are not available online. You must email me directly to request an appointment, or place yourself on the waitlist HERE. If you are attending an in-person visit, there are enhanced…
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Saturday August 26

Dr. Liarsky will be in the clinic Saturday August 26 from 10 am to 1 pm. If you would like an appointment, please call the clinic at 604-251-2435 or check our online booking for appointment availability.

Taking Care of Mothers

This May, in honour of Mothers Day on Sunday, May 14th, Dr. Stacey and Dr. Liarsky will be giving our patients who are either mothers or mothers-to-be a 10% discount on any chiropractic service (excluding orthotics). Ensure the women that care for us all have the opportunity for healing this month!

After the baby arrives… Post partum chiropractic care

(based on Vancouver Mom post, March 11, 2011)   Life after birth The birth and delivery process is life-changing for both the mother and the baby. The birth process, even straight-forward vaginal births, can be stressful, exhausting and on occasion, traumatic for both the new mama and her baby.  The process of labour is exactly…
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Student Rate Changes

As of July 1st, we will no longer be a part of the Student Network. We know that we see many students in our office, and not all are covered by the Student Network (ihaveaplan.net). We want to provide the same courtesy discounted rate to all student.  As a result, we will be changing our…
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Family Hour

Starting July 1st, 2014, we will be offering a new type of appointment for the growing families we often see in our office. If you book a “Family Hour” appointment, you and your family will have an entire hour with Dr. Stacey. This appointment would provide care for up to 2 adults (full body adjustment…
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What is ART? A Review….

ART,  or Active Release Technique,  is one of the techniques used by Dr. Stacey to help achieve your chiropractic goals.  ART is a soft tissue movement technique that treats problems with muscles,  tendons,  ligaments,  fascia,  and nerves.  Headaches,  back pain,  carpal tunnel syndrome,  shin splints,  shoulder pain,  sciatica,  plantar fasciitis,  knee problems,  and tennis elbow…
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Loosening Your Joints

“Don’t my joints get really loose if I see you a lot?” “I don’t want to become hypermobile,  so I don’t want to see a chiropractor” These are some worries with ongoing,  preventative chiropractic care.   However, the purpose of chiropractic is to restore the neuro-musculoskeletal balance in the body,  and to allow the body to…
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What is that “Popping” sound anyway?

One of the the most common questions I get as a chiropractor is  “what is that popping sound that usually happens with an adjustment?”  Whether you hate or love that popping sound and resultant release of the nearby muscular tension,  it is a question that has a very scientific answer. The popping or cracking sound…
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