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winter babywearing

Winter Babywearing Tips

Here is an oldie but goody, Winter Babywearing throwback post by Dr. Anne Stacey.  We miss seeing you at our monthly babywearing meetups! That doesn’t mean we are going to stop bringing advice, resources and support for new parents or experienced carriers needing a refresh. If you are looking for more specific guidance please contact…
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Resources for Babywearing

As a trained babywearing educator, I have tried to help new families successfully use carriers, from structured carriers to long woven wraps. I believe that the effective use of carriers allows parents the ability to be hands-free while also providing closeness while their child.

Where is YOUR Waistband & How does it contribute to Back Pain?

Where does the waistband sit? Is it the waist or the hip?

July Babywearing

An event for anyone who would like fit checks, help with basic carries, or information about carriers.

A Reflection on New Year’s Eve

We want to thank you, our patients and friends, for a wonderful 2017. Being able to be here for you is the greatest honor. Thank you, and have a happy, healthy 2018!

Winter Baby Wearing

Some ideas for babywearing during the colder weather, by Dr. Anne Stacey

Our September Newsletter is now Available

Our September Newsletter is now available!

Dr. Anne Stacey offers Babywearing Workshops at Circus Play Cafe

Dr. Anne Stacey is partnering with Circus Play Cafe to offer a series of babywearing classes starting from September 11 – October 2,2017.

Top 5 Babywearing Take-Aways

Early in April, I attended a course with the Center for Babywearing Studies, the first step in becoming a Certified Babywearing Consultant. It was a thought provoking and wonderful experience that was led by this organization’s President and Founder, Joanna McNeilly. Coming from New York, Joanna shared her experiences working with family from diverse backgrounds, family…
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Dr. Stacey’s Babywearing Certification

Dr. Stacey’s Upcoming Babywearing Certification Course

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