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a week of gratitude

A Week of Gratitude

Join us as we practice a week of gratitude. As Dr. Stacey prepares for an exciting move to practice at Tonume and Vitae, and as I prepare for my next steps I wanted to mark this moment in time with creating a collaborative practice of gratitude, am I’m hoping you will join in.  Why Gratitude?…
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blog banner moving into 2021 with snowy mountain landscape background

Moving Into 2021

After 10 years at Eastpoint, Anne will be moving from the current location at the end of 2020, and practicing at two other multidisciplinary clinics starting in January 2021. Although the door at Eastpoint will be closing on December 17th, 2020, your chiropractic care with Dr. Stacey will not be interrupted or changed. You will…
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optimize bedtime

Optimize Bedtime

It is time to hunker down, get into hibernation mode and optimize bedtime. The early sunsets that make it feel like bedtime at 6:30pm and the onset of rain sure do make getting cozy and comfortable at home more and more enticing. Or maybe you are going to bed a bit earlier because, well, where…
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winter babywearing

Winter Babywearing Tips

Here is an oldie but goody, Winter Babywearing throwback post by Dr. Anne Stacey.  We miss seeing you at our monthly babywearing meetups! That doesn’t mean we are going to stop bringing advice, resources and support for new parents or experienced carriers needing a refresh. If you are looking for more specific guidance please contact…
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osteoarthritis and chiropractic care

Osteoarthritis and Chiropractic Care

Understanding Osteoarthritis and chiropractic care is a great first step in your effort to reduce the impact of OA on your day to day life.   What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive disease that occurs in the joint. It leads to the breakdown of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. OA also affects the…
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Changing Seasons and Your Body

Have you wondered what effect the changing seasons have on your body? You feel it coming, that brisk air and the smell of fall, but maybe you also feel it in your bones and joints.  The changing seasons can have an effect on how you feel from increased inflammation and joint pain to Seasonal Affective…
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Resistance Bands for Strength and Rehabilitation

Resistance bands are a low impact, portable solution to help with your rehabilitation and strengthening exercises after an injury.    Resistance bands can be used to build strength, improve mobility, rehabilitate, weight training and as a tool for assisting in improving posture. They allow for a full body workouts and compound exercises that target multiple…
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What to expect for In-Person visits

We want you to have a good idea of what to expect during your in-person visit here at Eastpoint. We’ve put together this short video outlining our current CoViD19 protocols protect specifically as they pertain to your experience while in the clinic. We hope you find this video combined with our written protocols helpful in…
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what is iastm

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization or IASTM

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a modality used by chiropractors, and other practitioners, in soft tissue therapy. “IASTM is applied using specially designed instruments to provide a mobilizing effect to soft tissue (e.g., scar tissue, myofascial adhesion) to decrease pain and improve range of motion (ROM) and function.” (Cheatham, Lee, Cain and Baker,…
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recovering and healing from a broken bone

Recovering and Healing a Broken Bone

There is a lot a person can and often should do while they are recovering and healing a broken bone. First, understanding the healing process will help you take additional recovery measures to help heal the broken bone. I just broke my arm.  It’s now in a cast, and then I’m looking at a long…
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