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Top 5 Babywearing Take-Aways

Early in April, I attended a course with the Center for Babywearing Studies, the first step in becoming a Certified Babywearing Consultant. It was a thought provoking and wonderful experience that was led by this organization’s President and Founder, Joanna McNeilly. Coming from New York, Joanna shared her experiences working with family from diverse backgrounds, family…
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Halloween at Eastpoint Natural Health

Halloween at Eastpoint Natural Health Clinic

RockTape Appointments With Dr. Marina Liarsky

Starting November 1st,2016, Dr. Liarsky will be offering RockTape and ART chiropractic appointments. These appointments include a focus on musle release therapy and the use of kinesiology tape, specifically Rock Tape.

Getting back to routine?

Research shows that just 20 minutes outside in nature each day can boost your mood. Get outside, enjoy nature, and feel better for it.

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