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optimize bedtime

Optimize Bedtime

It is time to hunker down, get into hibernation mode and optimize bedtime. The early sunsets that make it feel like bedtime at 6:30pm and the onset of rain sure do make getting cozy and comfortable at home more and more enticing. Or maybe you are going to bed a bit earlier because, well, where…
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January Babywearing Meet-up

Dr. Anne Stacey will be hosting the monthly Baby Wearing Meet-Up at the clinic on January 30th, 2019 from 9-11am.  This event is open to anyone who would like fit checks, help with basic carries, or information about carriers. You are not required to be a patient at the clinic to attend, nor do you…
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Sweet Dreaming

Sleep comfort is the result of the interaction between you, your mattress, your pillow and your environment. Dr Anne explains some tips while looking for a new mattress!

VIDEO – Office Posture Matters

Although you might feel pretty safe sitting in front of your computer all day at work, it might actually be killing you!  Take a look at the amazing animated video below (courtesy of devour.com)

Top 5 Tips For Selecting an Office Chair

Adapted from the OCA’s Your Back Health June 11, 2013 article.   If you have to be inside while the weather is so nice this summer, make sure you have the best ergonomic office chair you can!  Getting a chair that fits your unique needs should be the top priority. Not every chair labeled “ergonomic” has…
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Loosening Your Joints

“Don’t my joints get really loose if I see you a lot?” “I don’t want to become hypermobile,  so I don’t want to see a chiropractor” These are some worries with ongoing,  preventative chiropractic care.   However, the purpose of chiropractic is to restore the neuro-musculoskeletal balance in the body,  and to allow the body to…
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Does Your Workspace Cause Your Aches and Pains?

Have you ever had a sore or stiff neck and shoulders after a long day of work, but were just sitting at your desk all day? Sustained postures are stressful on the body and do not allow the muscles that hold your body upright a chance to rest, even in a sitting position. Many work-related…
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