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Moving Into 2021

After 10 years at Eastpoint, Anne will be moving from the current location at the end of 2020, and practicing at two other multidisciplinary clinics starting in January 2021. Although the door at Eastpoint will be closing on December 17th, 2020, your chiropractic care with Dr. Stacey will not be interrupted or changed. You will…
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Winter Babywearing Tips

Here is an oldie but goody, Winter Babywearing throwback post by Dr. Anne Stacey.  We miss seeing you at our monthly babywearing meetups! That doesn’t mean we are going to stop bringing advice, resources and support for new parents or experienced carriers needing a refresh. If you are looking for more specific guidance please contact…
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Chiropractic Tips for Work from Home Life

Over the last few months our bodies have been experiencing an incredible shift. They are carrying us through major changes in our routine, absorbing the shock of additional stressors, and if you’ve been adjusting to work from home life your body is likely in a different position than usual. The ‘make-do’ home office arrangements that…
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ICBC Changes to Accident Benefits (part one)

ICBC Coverage Changes for Chiropractic:  ICBC will be ending the Chiropractic Flat Fee program on April 1st. In February of 2018 ICBC announced that they would be making significant improvements to their accident benefits, the first change since 1991. We want to help you understand how these changes apply to chiropractic care. Some of you…
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Reflecting back on 2018

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties ~ Helen Keller The calendar year is coming to a close again.  Every year, I look back at the accomplishments of our staff, our colleagues, and of each and every individual and…
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Chiropractic for Runners

Training for some big runs and races this season? You may want to book in some chiropractic treatments as you train. Running is one of the most effective, affordable, and fun activities available for people worldwide to achieve optimal health and wellness. The downside of all the wonderful benefits is that running causes its share of injuries to the body. Read more.

Dr. Stacey Maternity Leave

The staff at Eastpoint are excited to announce that starting in late November 2015, Dr. Stacey will be away from the the office for an extended maternity leave. No worries, we are in the process of finding an excellent replacement chiropractor for the duration of the leave, with a focus on the same style and…
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Family Hour

Starting July 1st, 2014, we will be offering a new type of appointment for the growing families we often see in our office. If you book a “Family Hour” appointment, you and your family will have an entire hour with Dr. Stacey. This appointment would provide care for up to 2 adults (full body adjustment…
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Immune Hacks for the Holiday season

By Dr. Emily McManus We know everyone wants to be feeling their best for the holiday and as chiropractors we want that too. In addition to being able to celebrate with loved ones, we know it’s easier for people to take care of their bones, joints, and muscles with exercises and activities if they’re feeling…
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VIDEO – Office Posture Matters

Although you might feel pretty safe sitting in front of your computer all day at work, it might actually be killing you!  Take a look at the amazing animated video below (courtesy of devour.com)

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