What Chiropractic Appointment to Book and When

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Are you unsure about what chiropractic appointment to book or how often? You’re not alone! We often hear from patients that they weren’t sure if they needed a regular visit or an extended visit. Or not sure about how often to come see Dr. Stacey. Here’s a little guidance on the matter of scheduling.

What to book? 

First, are you a new patient or existing patient? If you a new patient you will book your First Visit.

For existing patients the first thing to consider is whether this is an ongoing concern that you’ve been working on with Dr. Stacey for a while or is it a NEW concern. If it’s an ongoing concern you should book a regular visit, unless Dr. Stacey has told you otherwise.

A new concern requires additional time because Dr. Stacey will need to go over this new area of concern. For new concerns book an extended visit. She will need to gather a little bit of history to explore the root of the concern or injury.

The other thing to consider is when your last appointment was. If it has been more than 6 months since your previous appointment you’ll need an extended visit. A lot can change in 6 months (2020 is really showing us that!), we will send you an online re-assessment and Dr. Stacey will be able to update your concerns and chiropractic care goals.

Are you new to chiropractic as part of your health and wellness care routine? Here is some more information about the chiropractic care we offer at Eastpoint.

When should I book my next appointment?

For new patients we usually like to see you back for a second visit within a week.

Once you are onto maintenance care Dr. Stacey may recommend 4-6 weeks. Each person is different and you will get to know when your body is ready. Think about how many weeks it typically is between your appointment and when you start feeling you need a treatment. Book your appointment either at that interval or at a slightly shorter interval.

For example, many people usually ‘feel it’ 3 weeks after treatment. Due to busy schedules and potentially forgetting to book appointments, it often ends up being 4-5 weeks between treatments. By that time, their daily activities are affected by the pain or limited range of motion they are experiencing.

With this scenario in mind, we would suggest planning for recurrent appointments every 3 weeks, to get treatment before symptoms, and avoiding the worry about getting to the point where it is affecting their day to day activities.

A great feature in Jane is being able to book recurring appointments. If there is a day and time that is ideal for you, you can book that same day and time on an interval of your choosing.

So, while it’s on your mind click here and book your next appointment.

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