Winning or Learning

I never lose. I either win or learn – Nelson Mandela

This week, during a meeting with my son’s Grade 1 teacher, she used this quote in explaining her education philosophy. It has stuck with me since then.

I had to scour the internet about the actual source of this quote, and it seems to have consistently landed on the magnificent Nelson Mandela.

To me, this quote speaks about many things.

  • It speaks of perseverance.
  • It speaks of hope.
  • It speaks to the idea of MASTERY, the core of intrinsic motivation theory.
  • It speaks of life-long learning.
  • It speaks of reflection and of self-examination.
  • It speaks of letting go of the guilt and weight of failures.
  • It speaks of the long and often hard march towards a change for the better.

We all speak about improving, changing, helping, growing.


How often do we take the actual time and allocate the actual energy to LEARN from our errors and our journeys down the indirect paths to our goals?

What have YOU done to improve your self, your family, your community this week? What have you done to LEARN from past mistakes

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